Frequenty Asked Bridge Questions

Q    I would love to learn to play bridge. Do you offer bridge tuition?


No but we can provide the names and addresses of 2 bridge tutors who run classes in this area for beginners and intermediate players.


Q    Do I need a partner to play?


During the summer months the Wednesday afternoon sessions are hosted. All other sessions are not hosted but initially if you do not have a partner, we will gladly try to find you one.  For this first session we would need advance warning of when you would like to come so that we could arrange a partner.


Q    When are bridge sessions held?


Yes we do. There are 2 evening Duplicate sessions a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and one afternoon Duplicate session on Wednesday. On Monday and Friday afternoons there are rubber bridge sessions to be arranged by members.


Q   Do you hold Bridge Competitions?


Yes we run four annual in-house competitions.


Q    Are there other special social events?


Yes there are. During the winter we organise monthly team evenings  - with prizes, and Monthly Winter Bridge Teas on Saturdays, a Christmas Party, a Bridge Weekend away and several other events.   This year these include a “Tea at the Ritz” afternoon tea party.


Q    Do you use electronic scoring?


Yes, we have the latest equipment. If you aren’t familiar with BridgeMates, all those playing with you will happily give you help.


Q Are you affiliated to the EBU?


The club currently is not affiliated to the EBU and does not issue Master points. We do run our sessions following the EBU rules and pride ourselves on playing competitive but friendly bridge.


Q    Is there easy parking for bridge?


Yes. We have a large lit car park with two disabled spaces.


Q    Can I play bridge and another game?


Yes, we also have excellent facilities for croquet and bowls, and subscription rates vary according to which games (and how many) you choose to play.  There are also other games activities such as Scrabble that you can join in with.


Q    Do I need to be a member of the club to play Bridge


You can play 3 Bridge sessions and then you must apply to become a member of the club. Table money depends on the on the type of membership