Help with Accessing Private Pages

Checking if Cookies are Enabled

Click on Private Pages (Menu of Left) to view the Members Info. the password is the New Door Number for 2013.


To access the Private Pages the website requires "Cookies" to be enabled.


It is recommented that you use Firefox to access this site (Download here).


If you have problems accessing the page you will need to review your privacy settings to allow Cookies (if look near the top of the page it will tell you if cookies are enabled).


IPAD & Mac users make sure your setting for Safari "NEVER" block Cookies.


In Internet Explorer :-


  • Click on “Tools” on the top right hand side of the screen.
  • A drop down menu will appear.
  • At the bottom of the list is “Internet Options” click on that.
  • Another box will appear, look at the tabs along the top and click on “Privacy”
  • Under settings the first button is “Sites” click on that
  • In the box marked “Address of Website” enter this address this is the real address of the Budleigh Croquet website.
  • then click on the “Allow” button
  • Then Click “OK”

Now restart Internet Explorer by closing it and starting it up again.


Click here if you would like more details which screen images

If you experience any problems please let me know Webmaster.