Subscription Rates – 2017

The club has a number of rates, depending on your level of membership and distance from the club, as outlined below:

1     Resident Member (i.e. Living up to 25 miles from the club)

  •     All Games                                                                                                        £369
  •     Croquet only                                                                                                    £300
  •     Bridge (voting membership –reduced table fee)                                     £185
  •     Restricted Membership       (Croquet)                                                        £120

2    Far Country Playing Member (All Games)                 

  • (a) Those resident more than 25 miles from the Club                                £147
  • (b) Those resident more than 50 miles from the Club                                £74

3    Student Playing Member (All Games)                                                                    £35
      (Must be under 25 years old)   

4    Junior Member (All Games)                                                                                     £13  


5    Social Member                                                                                                            £50

Notes: (i) For additional game fee, initial game must be Croquet
(ii) Restricted Members must be in full-time employment or education. Membership applies only to Croquet and play is allowed after 5.00pm on weekdays and any time on Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays, plus seven additional days to play competition games only.


Rule 10(e)    Any Social Member may play Croquet on three occasions without payment.