Association Croquet

Association Croquet (AC) is played within the club both socially and competitively. It may be played as singles, doubles or in teams. Both singles and doubles may be played at club roll-ups or prearranged between members.



A handicap system operates in Association Croquet. Early in the club membership a player is given an AC handicap. These range typically from 24 for beginners down to 0 and below for the very able. The system is designed to enables players of differing abilities to play on equal terms. Club AC competitions and tournaments tend to be organised for given handicap ranges. Handicaps change as a consequence of one’s results in competitive matches.



In order to be sure of getting games with as many different members as possible, Association Croquet club roll-ups are arranged twice a week. Both periods are for up to three hours duration.

Wednesday morning AC roll-ups are arranged for members to play opponents of similar handicaps, while on Friday afternoons opponents are drawn at random from a hat and enable the less experienced members to play with someone more experienced. This is an ideal time for new members to meet others and gain experience.

Competitive Play Competitions and Tournaments


Playing in competitions and tournaments is widely available in the club and is an excellent way of honing one’s skill. The club holds many internal AC competitions throughout the summer and hosts a succession of tournaments open to players in the club and from elsewhere in the country and indeed the world. Both AC club competitions and AC tournaments are great fun to participate in and the higher level tournaments afford excellent chances to watch some of the top players perform.

Club Teams


The club runs several AC teams in the Leagues of the South West Federation at four levels of ability. Matches are played both At Home and Away and provide experience of other clubs and lawns as well as the added interest of playing competitively for the club.

New Members


New members will be introduced to Association Croquet towards the end of their Temporary Membership initial coaching period. Once a full member, it will be possible to progress this further. After further coaching, specific New Member AC Roll-Ups will be arranged to play with selected experienced members, but once the basics have been grasped then new members will benefit by going to normal club AC Roll-Ups.