A Synopsis of Short Lawn Croquet

Short Lawn Croquet is a similar game to Association Croquet though on a smaller lawn.

The official size of a Short Croquet lawn is 16 x 24 yards (full size: 28 x 35 yards) though the game is played, more often than not, on a half a full sized lawn.

The course comprises the same hoop layout as for Association or Golf Croquet, but uses only 6 hoops for each ball.

Rules are the same as for Association Croquet slightly modified to account for the smaller lawn. Handicaps are based on those for Association Croquet though reduced and mofidiedto reflect the smaller lawn and shorter course.

The end result is that a game of Short Lawn Croquet generally takes less than an hour and, while a game in itself, is an ideal introduction to Association Croquet and for those with limited time to spare for a full Association game.